Posted on Apr 8, 2019

Chris Davies Art & Illustration

Twitter Art Exhibit 2019

Once again, I'm delighted to be taking part in the internationally popular Twitter Art Exhibit - a yearly event where artists submit a postcard-sized painting which is then exhibited and auctioned to raise funds for charity.

This year's event will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland, with the proceeds from art sales going to support the vital work of Art in Healthcare.

My theme this year is the Scottish Wildcat, otherwise known as the 'Highlands tiger' - an incredible, noble species which is steeped in folklore and history yet sadly facing extinction in this modern age.

In fact, recent research suggests there may only be between 100 and 300 left, due to disease and breeding with domestic cats.

I created my piece using watercolours and wax resist to add texture to the heathers and foreground in my composition, while taking great care to capture the distinctive markings of this magnificent creature.

And, in reference to the wildcat's extensive appearance in local folklore and mythology, I decided to title my painting 'Sans Peur (Without Fear) - Cat Fiadhaich (Wildcat in Gaelic)'.

The Twitter Art Exhibit was set up 10 years ago by Norwegian artist, David Sandum, to raise funds for a children's library. Since then, it has toured the world and grown to regularly attract around 1,000 artists each year.

This year's event takes place on May 11th in Edinburgh and you can find more details at:
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